Sal's Shipping syntax error

Can someone please look through my code for me and tell me where or what I am doing wrong exactly? I am trying to take baby steps to learn Python and that is why I chose to write the code for Sal’s Shipping myself.

The 2 major types of error I am getting when I run the program are Syntax error or an Indentation error

The link for the code is provided below…sorry this is my first time posting and I do apologize in advance if there is something I did not do correctly in terms of posting. Thanks a lot everyone.
My code for Sal’s Shipping

lets start here:

   if (premium_gs < drone_shipping(weight) and 
           (premium_gs < ground_shipping(weight)):

this should really be one line or you should use a backslash (\) to indicate the code is put on multiple lines.

your parentheses on this line is off, (premium_gs < drone_shipping(weight) // missing ), personally i wouldn’t use unnecessary parentheses.

also, these line:

  cheapest_way =""
   if (premium_gs < drone_shipping(weight) and 

should match when it comes to indention.

the nice thing about errors is that at least we can research the error, what might cause them. Things that fail (don’t work correctly) without error, that is a lot more difficult to debug

Dear Stetim94,
Thank you very much for your help and I appreciate your kindness. I am super new to writing codes in Python and indentation seems to be a huge problem for me. I am starting to taking time to count how many space bars I use on my keyboard to indent the codes so hopefully that will help me with time.

Thanks once again.

pep8 (the style guide for python) recommends 4 spaces per indent block

codecademy’s learning environment unfortunately doesn’t allow for much tweaking of these settings, i would personally do the codecademy projects in Vscode or something similar, where you can tweak indention settings, and then use soft tabs, where pressing the tab key insert 4 spaces

Hello Stetim94,
I will give Vscode a try . Thank you very much and I hope you have a great day.

I personally like Pycharm a lot (i don’t use vscode), but its heavy and maybe a bit overwhelming for people who just start programming.

Did you need further assistance with sal’s shipping at the moment?

Yes I do need help still with the indentation error problem. I will also try Vscode since you said Pycharm might be too much at the moment since I only just started learning Python. Thank you

Can you post an updated version of your code?

Hello Stetim94,
My code for Sal’s shipping is provided below. Thank you very much.
Link for my Sal’s Shipping Indentation Error

same issue here:

    cheapest_way = "Premium ground shipping"
     return cheapest_way +" "+"which costs"+ " "+str(premium_gs)

these lines should have the same indent level. Same for all the other cheapest shipping options