Sal Shipping Project, syntax error

I can’t get this syntax error to go away, it’s on the last “else:” that I’m writing. It keeps giving me a syntax error.

def best_shipping(weight):

ground = ground_shipping(weight)
drone = drone_shipping(weight)
premium = premium_shipping

if ground < drone and ground < premium:
print("Ground Shipping is the cheapest option at " + cost)

elif ground > premium and drone > premium:
print (“Premium shipping is the cheapest option at str(cost))”
“Drone shipping is the cheapest option at str(cost))”

It looks like the print statement inside your else block has an extra closing bracket, ).

Formatting your code using the </> button would help with readability and posting the error would also help to identify the problem.

There also seems to be a problem at the end of the print statement inside the elif block. It looks like you’ve switched the " and ).

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