Sad News

I have been Studying very Studiously and had completed 70% of Data Science Path. Everything was going Well but recently my Eye started Itching, i thought it would go away it only turned Worse. Now there’s soo much Itching and i can’t even Study properly. I haven’t studied anything Today :cry: and was maintaining a Streak of 52 Days. I won’t be able to study for maybe 2-3 days. It’s very sad but i believe everything happens for a Reason. Hope i will be able to come back soon :man_technologist::writing_hand::pray:

I think you can extend the streak by participating in the community here.

Hope you feel better soon!


Open any lesson and let the page connect. Voila… Streak extended.


I thought you had to actually run code that was according to the lesson?
You could always reset the first lesson.


Pro-tip: the way they wrote the Codecademy mobile app (Codecademy Go), if you open it, minimize and go back to it, it will extend your streak. It’s weird why it does that (I think the logic was that if you were in the middle of practicing in the app and you had to go to another app, it would give you credit) but it does nonetheless.


@mtf @irlfede @lisalisaj @8-bit-gaming Thankyou everyone for the Advice. Thankyou very much everyone. :blush::innocent:


Today I’m feeling some better as there’s no more Itching in the eyes only Redness. My Parents still won’t let me study until it’s completely gone. I also have learnt that Too much studying is also Harmful. Don’t know if i will be able to complete the Path but will do my Best :innocent::raised_hands:


I’m glad you are feeling better. Come back soon when you are ready.


Get better soon. Time to listen to a coding related podcast?


Today Redness and Itching has gone down very much. I’m feeling much better today. From now on i will surely take breaks and let my eyes rest whenever i will study. Hopefully I will start from Tomorrow :innocent::star_struck:. Thanks @coffeencake Yes i will. @arc4523268022 Yup any Recommendations.

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I have just started Syntax - Tasty Web Development Treats and I like Talk Python to Me - but they both teach me a LOT of new words :confused:


Thanx @arc4523268022 i will surely give it a try. Todayyyy i might study for some hours only but i will study :star_struck::relieved::blush::innocent:. I will start from Today.

Glad you’re feeling better.

This was in an email I got today: “Take a break when you need one. Listen to your brain and your body. You’ll come back better for it. Let’s go!”

I agree 100%. :slight_smile:


Yes there’s no doubt in that @lisalisaj :star_struck:

Well i was thinking I’m getting right but Dang Toady i came to know it’s Allergic Conjunctivitis :man_facepalming:t2::eyes:. Today Finally got the medicine and some relief from this Sooo much Itching. Again 1 week rest and there goes my last remaining Pro week. Well let’s see what happens.


I hope you’ll feel better soon!