Rust course

I believe there should be a Rust course for CodeCademy. This is recommended for a number of reasons such as Rust is a low level compiled system’s programming language, contains safety memory features and uses ownership instead of carbage collector which has no impact on your current run-time performance, prevents data races and has high level abstractions, which makes it a much better language than C++. Rust can also be used for web development through WebAssembly Rust (which is better than JavaScript).

Rust can be used for various applications such as web development, games development, software development, software engineering, operating systems development etc.


@lilybird Looking at the breadcrumb, I’m not clear if this made it to the suggestion box (so perhaps it needs to be moved?), but with Rust recently having been giving it’s own foundation, this language definitely is worth taking a look at for a course, if you don’t already have one planned.

Do you know if there is a Rust course planned?

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Checking in with our curriculum product managers now- I will report back soon with an update :slight_smile: Thanks for calling attention to this @christomeid!

Update: They have Rust on their radar, but there has been recent concern about the future of Rust. This is not to say we won’t ever develop a course on Rust, however, it is not on the roadmap just yet.


Hi @lilybird . Thanks for the update. Question though, what about the future of Rust are they concerned about?


I’m wondering if there is still concern over the future of Rust. Android has adopted it for some backend tasks, Microsoft is actively developing crates for windows. Malware has been seen (reversed) to reveal Rust as source code.

If there is an update post as to a Rust course timeline please let me know.

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Hey there @ark31337! Our Curriculum Team is talking about getting a Rust course on the development roadmap sometime this year or next. Once they decide, I can update you here :slight_smile:

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I’m also interested in a Rust course. Hoping to hear some news on this soon! :slightly_smiling_face:

Same, also interested by Rust. Also, rust might have a great future especially with Web Assembly.

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I’m also extremely interested in this happening.

Please add Rust! I’m very keen to learn as well.

@betaslayer65033 Welcome to the forums. It is currently on the road map for this sprint.

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Spring 2022… Any Updates?

Hey, @alfalasi6x2 alfalasi6x2 welcome to the forums. It looks like they have changed the release date to Summer 2022. Trello

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Thanks Ethan looking forward to it

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summer of 22? delayed or what?

Hello there! Summer is almost ending, any updates?

Thanks in advance by the way.

Is there a release date for the Rust course yet?

Looks like its finally here :slight_smile: