Running the Test Suite on "Learn Feature Testing With TDD"

Hi, for anyone that has done the Testing for Web Development course, I just have one question that’s not explained in the first parts of the course that I think everyone should know before getting into the exercises.

The environment gives you a couple of tabs.

  1. “Learn” tab where you get the exercises and some information.
  2. “File Explorer and text editor” tab where you write code and open files.
  3. “Bash” tab, to run the Test Suite.

The whole point of the course is to learn Test Driven Development, but if the “students” are not taught the bash commands to run the Test Suite how are we going to do it?
I really want to experiment and run the Test Suite without relying on the implementations suggested by the Learn tab, so in short:

What command can I use on the Bash tab to run the Test Suite?

I just want to know what tests are passing and failing.

The course I’m referring is here:
Learn Testing for Web Development | Codecademy

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I tried cd’ing into the directory the .js file is.

cd test/features/

then I ran

phantomjs user-visits-root-test.js

to run the .js file I was writing all the tests and there’s nothing happening on the Bash tab.

If you are able to run tests on this course please help me and the community out. Thanks!

hey Jesus. I agree it is confusing! I also didn’t see anywhere explaining it.

If you check the package.json, you can see there’s a script called “test”.
All you need to do is run npm test and your test suite will start running.


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