Running the code multiple times


The lesson asks me to run the code multiple times to confirm all the different possible inputs result in the correct output.
At first I had no idea how to achieve that since the only option is "Save & Submit Code" which after completion prompts you to move on to the next step.
Having to click a little "x" in order to get back and re-run the code seems a bit fiddly and not at all obvious. Why is there not a dedicated button to run the code (again)?


Ok first off, if you are on Lesson 6.) Pop Quiz, the lesson is not asking you to run the code multiple times:

Take some time to test your current code. 
Try some inputs that should pass and some that should fail. 
Enter some strings that contain non-alphabetical characters and an empty string.

This section is just so you can try different words in your code to see the different results that come through. You are just "playing around" with stuff trying to test it or try something new with it before you move on to the next lesson where you will build another one. So do not worry just pass the lesson through save and submit when you have settled your curiosity or creativity and have fun coding the rest of pygLatin!


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