Running Queries while practicing SQL


Is it just me, or is there no option to run a query while practicing SQL....? :cry:


The Save button will run your query.


In that case, the save button is not fully responsive because it does not run my query or at the very least display an error if my code was incorrect.


If you tell me which exercise and what your code is then I can give it a try.


Are you suggesting that the query simply doesn't run if there's an error?


I've seen the thing just spin until I reloaded the page when I was missing a semicolon.


In my case it doesn't just spin endlessly, I'll get a "Saved" message and the live view isn't updated


Is one of your SQL statements a SELECT statement?


Nope, I've been trying to create the table... Haven't been able to do that or get past that


Did you want me to try out your code?


I am having the same problem with lesson 4, it just saves and nothing else happens. below is the code. I have re-entered it multiple times and refreshed the page, nothing seems to work, unless I am completely blind and can't see my obvious error.

INSERT INTO celebs (id, name, age) VALUES (1, 'Justin Bieber', 21);
SELECT * FROM celebs;


If you have that statement in then the code checker will fail. It can't seem to get past it to see your INSERT statement. Take that line out and you should be fine.


perfect! Thank you so much albionsrefuge!