Running python 3.9.5 on vs code 32 operating system

can l run the latest version of python on visual studio code and l am using a 32 bit operating system windows 10


I believe they’re still doing 32 bit installers for windows on the Python page itself.

I downloaded the 32 bit embedded package one, but vs code is showing it’s running 3.8

Downloaded and installed? If so that’ll be down to vscode then. Try the vscode docs for a little info but python: select interpreter within vs code should let you change which distribution of Python you’re using. Or you can click somewhere it probably says python 3.8.x or similar (typically bottom left to get the same effect).

this is the python 3.9.5, when l click on the application it opens command line, to run code from there

visual studio is showing this only

Ok I found it, when l clicked select interpreter l went to downloads and got it thanks, so now l can write latest code :grinning:

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so now l can import latest modules right?

I am trying to install a speech recognition module but its showing me this

also tried this

That’s a 3rd party package so you’d need to install it separately. Using pip is a sensible way of obtaining it. You’d want to look into adding Python to your PATH if you want to use shell commands like python -m pip install SpeechRecognition directly in your terminal. Otherwise you’d need to use the full path every time you mentioned the program was saved somewhere in “Downloads” ?

how do l do this?, i have tried pip and it didn’t work

There’s plenty of online guidance explaining how the shell and your PATH work that will do a far better job of explaining it to than I can.

I followed this video but its showing me this

I am getting this error message, what should l do

I’m not sure, I just noticed your syntax error.