Running Postgres in the background on my MacBook?

Hi there,

I am currently learning about SQL through on an Off-Platform SQL project and have a perhaps silly question.

I have installed PostgreSQL on my laptop, including pgAdmin 4 and Postbird. My understanding was that opening pgAdmin will start up a PostgreSQL server, which I can then access through clients such as Postbird. However, it seems that I can still connect to my localhost server through Postbird even when pgAdmin is not running. This suggests that my PostgreSQL server is always running in the background of my laptop, without me doing anything. Is this correct and to be expected? Or am I missing a key piece of the setup?

Thanks in advance!

Ryan C

Pgadmin is a web-based GUI for PostgreSQL. (Postbird is also a GUI for PostgreSQL)

I’m guessing that you didn’t shut down the server and it was still open.
When you’re finished always close/shut down the PostgreSQL server.

Also, you can use PgAdmin to write your queries. Not sure why you have two GUIs for postgres. (unless that’s what they recommend in the course).