Running Codecademy on Safari browser on iPad


I’m running Codecademy courses on my iPad with iPadOS 14.4.2 using Safari. Up until few weeks ago everything was working fine.

Lately Codecademy course I’m taking keeps freezing, as in the browser screen freezes until I refresh it or restart the browser application. Then it might work for a short while until I try to write or interact with it then it freezes again.

Like I mentioned, using my iPad and Safari has worked before but as of late Codecademy seems buggy.

I am using the “request desktop version” setting and have tried the standard clearing out cookies, using another browser (Chrome & Firefox) but I have the same problem.

Anyone else having this issue? Any recommendations or solutions?

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It looks like your browser is not up to date just update your browser

My Safari browser and iPad is up to date.

Do you have sufficient memory to codecademy

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If you’re asking if I have sufficient memory on my iPad then, yes.
I also regularly clear out my cookies on the web browser.

I found this one online:

Is anyone having problems with codecademy on an iPad?

Didn’t Safari just have (security) updates recently? That might be the issue.

Also, it’s better to use Chrome when using CC.

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Yes, thank you, I’ve read it too. The discussions are the same but that thread is talking about an older version of iPadOS.
Thank you though.

Not sure, probably. When you update iPadOS updates for Safari are usually included. Unfortunately, as you can see from my original thread I’ve tried using other browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.

Yup, same thing is happening to me and my sister. We also tried using Chrome but nothing changed :woman_shrugging:

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I think the issue is that you need to use a desktop/laptop rather than ipad, perhaps(?)

See also:

Only thing which has changed in the past couple of weeks that I can think of, is that the UI for the learning environment was updated.

Did the issues start around the same time as the UI change?

Yes, that is correct.
However, like mentioned in my post, using Safari on iPad has been working in the past. Was hoping to find an answer.

I cannot say. I didn’t make a note of the changes. Codecademy is just buggier on Safari using iPad.

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