Running a program with node.js

A silly sentence was written in the JavaScirpt program in the app.js file. A number of variables are assigned a string ‘____’. replace each of them with the designated type.

when I type node app.js and try to change the variables it keeps saying " did you change the noun1 so that it is not assigned a value’___’?

can some one help me with this. am I typing console.log (then the word)?

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When you ask a question related to Codecademy’s content, please post a link to the lesson you are on and your code (if you have written any). Currently there is little context to guess what you are working on, and as such it is difficult to give a good answer.

I seem to have a slight recollection of a lesson which functioned like the game MadLibs, and if so I’m assuming you have something like this currently:

const adjective = "_____";
const noun = "_____";
const verb = "_____";

const sillySentence = `The very ${adjective} ${noun} went ${verb}ing!`;

If this is the case, you are probably supposed to change the three word variable to something other than underscores, and then run the program.

sorry, I will put the link next time, and thank you for the info

I added the link. However, I getting bash: errors nows. I’m not sure where I am going wrong. I can’t seem to get it started to change the variables

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