Runing projects in my computer

as an example I chose the Animal Fun Facts React.js project.
how can I run in my own ide? I’ve copied all the files ,folders and code into VS, and the project is running in codecademy ide but when I open it in VS the Html page drews blank.

what can I do to solve it?

Do you have Node.js installed on your machine? In the tools menu of VSC navigate to the PowerShell and open it.

node -v

That will tell you if you have Node.js and its version number. If you don’t have Node. js installed, then go to their website and track down the version for your OS.

I’ve checked it with my cmd, and I have node installed on my computer

Did you try to open PowerShell from VSC?

could not find the tools bar you talked about

Tools > Command Line > Developer PowerShell

It’s minor, so long as you have a command line. PowerShell is closer to Linux, is all.

Given you have Node, look for Facebook’s create-react-app site. Give it a read and when ready to proceed, give it a go.

thank you I’ll look it up

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For the sake of clarity, do not use the current directory you have your app in, but create a new one by using a change up on the app name (in all lowercase) when you get to that step…

create-react-app animalfunfacts

or something along those lines. You can migrate the necessary files to that directory once the app is set up. Navigate to the new folder in VSC and you should see all the files/folders that were created.