Run button not working

I have been stuck on a module for the past couple of days due to the run button not working in the lesson. Does anyone have a solution to this so I can continue, thank you.

@swagtagcode Welcome to the forums. Can you send a video or picture? Also, you can get the solution and it will auto mark all the problems so you can move on.

What lesson? (link please)
Also, what web browser are you using and what OS do you have?
Does the button work in other modules?

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Hey there!

Thanks for the response, the lesson Iā€™m on is for while loops (
and yes the button seems to be working in previous modules.

the solution button is not appearing on this page.

Also im using google chrome and windows 10 !

You can try refreshing, restarting Chrome and shutdown your computer.

Indent index +=1 to be underneath print()

The way you have it now is an infinite loop.

python_topics = ["variables", "control flow", "loops", "modules", "classes"]

length = len(python_topics)
index = 0
while index < length:
  print("I am learning about " + python_topics[index])
  index +=1

Thank you so much I really appreciate it!

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