Run button Not Working (Python Course)

I’m currently stuck in the middle of the Python course because the run button doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve been on this lesson for many days now. I reported the bug twice but it doesn’t appear to be going away. No matter how many times I reload the page, nothing seems to work. I’m also quite confident switching browsers won’t do anything either.

I’ve got this, too. I’ve tried different browsers and even different computers. My dad’s account will complete the exercise just fine.

For reference, this is for Python Syntax - Math - 10

I’ve had the same problem trying to import math module , which I gather is 10. Anyway how to move on?

i am having the same problem, has anyone found an answer yet?

Same problem here. Annoying!

In my javaScript lesson, I cant move on because the run button keeps on loading. I have been waiting for awhile and it wont stop so I cant move on. I also submitted a bug report. Hopefully this goes away.