Run button doestn work

i’m in 4.1 excerise in math …i write the code {count_to = 1 + 2 } and press run , but run all time loading and doesnt working. plz fix it . i need to continue …

ya i have that to on 11

I would reccommend going back to the last lesson and redoing it it worked 4 me

even m facing this issue of Run button

Hi, I have just started the Python course and run button will not work, tried starting again, reloading page, resetting page without success?

Hi All , Even i’m also facing the problem execution of problem i.e when i hit run it is keep on loading. Tried reset option and also went back 1 exercise behind but no success. Kindly anyone help on this. Its been 3 days till now.

I’m having the same issue.

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