Run button doesn't work and is never solved

Introduction To JavaScript: objects, lesson 6. The run button keeps spinning and does not allow me to submit my next exercise. Changing browser, refresh page, hard refresh, and reset exercise all did not work. I’ve seen similar problems on this forum being asked but no one seems to know how to solve it.

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In the exercise, it says to log the hobbies, not the alarm, so have you tried doing that?

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The first exercise says add hobbies array to person object. I did it, and pressed run, and the run button keeps spinning. It won’t even give me the chance to log the hobbies. The alarm thing is from previous exercise and should be there.

Try doing both parts before clicking run.

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Tried, not working. The program doens’t recognize the completion of the second part.

Is there a way that I can skip this lesson somehow? I want to keep moving forward because I am learning this with a time table and there are deadlines set.

I’m having the same problem in the exact same lesson. I tried continuing with the lesson on a different computer and that didn’t work either. I too would love to find out how to skip this lesson.

hi, exactly same problem here. The run button doesn’t work when I submit both parts. So I’ve tried submitting just the first one (adding hobbies to the person), but ‘run’ kept on spinning. Don’t know what to do anymore