Rule-Based Chatbot --- AlienBot project

Hey, y’all!

I don’t know what I have done but certainly something not right heh heh… Here is a screenshot:

(This is the only part where I have done some editing, and it says something was wrong…:frowning: :woozy_face)

Hello! Could you post your full code, please? Be sure to use this topic to guide you.

import re
import random

class AlienBot:
  # potential negative responses
  negative_responses = ("no", "nope", "nah", "naw", "not a chance", "sorry")
  # keywords for exiting the conversation
  exit_commands = ("quit", "pause", "exit", "goodbye", "bye", "later")
  # random starter questions
  random_questions = (
        "Why are you here? ",
        "Are there many humans like you? ",
        "What do you consume for sustenance? ",
        "Is there intelligent life on this planet? ",
        "Does Earth have a leader? ",
        "What planets have you visited? ",
        "What technology do you have on this planet? "

  def __init__(self):
    self.alienbabble = {'describe_planet_intent': r'',
                        'answer_why_intent': r'',
                        'cubed_intent': r''

  # Define .greet() below:
  def greet(self): = input("hellow there, what's your name?")
    will_help =
    print(f"Hi {will_help}, I'm Etcetera. I'm not from this planet. Will you help me learn about your planet?")
    if will_help in self.nagative_responses:
      print("Ok, have a nice Earth day!")

  # Define .make_exit() here:
  def make_exit(self, reply):
    for words in self.exit_commands:
      if exit_commands in reply:
        print("Ok, have a nice Earth Day!")
        return True

  # Define .chat() next:
  def chat(self):
    reply = input(random.choice(self.random_questions)).lower()
    while not self.make_exit(reply):
      reply = input("How are you?")

  # Define .match_reply() below:
  def match_reply(self, reply):

  # Define .describe_planet_intent():
  def describe_planet_intent(self):
    return "Inside .describe_planet_intent()"

  # Define .answer_why_intent():
  def answer_why_intent(self):
    return "Inside .answer_why_intent()"
  # Define .cubed_intent():
  def cubed_intent(self, number):
    return "Inside .cubed_intent()"

  # Define .no_match_intent():
  def no_match_intent(self):
    return "Inside .no_match_intent()"

# Create an instance of AlienBot below:
my_bot = AlienBot()

Does this work for you?

Thanks again for helping!

It seems like a simple typo, double check where you’ve attempted to access an object attribute (probably with dot notation) and make sure the attribute you used matches those that exist.

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