Can anyone explain me about Ruby programming language?

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Well, is there something specific you’d like to know?

But in few words, Ruby is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language, designed to be fun for the programmers using it, easy to use, and high-level (handles most of the work for you). Ruby is relatively simple for beginners to learn, as it practically reads like English.

It became extremely popular a few years ago when Ruby on Rails came out (and the years that followed), but is now slightly decreasing in popularity. Ruby on Rails is a framework used to develop web applications in Ruby. If you plan to develop web apps, you’ll need to learn Rails as well as Ruby.

Ruby is awesome to code in, it really is a fantastic language, especially when you’re learning and just getting started. Startups tend to use Ruby as it’s easy to put something together really quickly. But as they scale, they tend to ditch Ruby and RoR due to its poor performance. They’re resource-hungry and don’t tend to scale too well.

Is it a good idea to learn Ruby? It sure is. However, should you need to decide between Python and Ruby, I’d go for Python. Simply because the future looks brighter for Python.