Ruby on Rails Portfolio Project

I just recently completed the Portfolio project in the Ruby on Rails track. After looking around, I’m not sure if a thread exists for this specific project.

Anyways, this project helped me comprehend the idea of the View-Controller. This understanding became mighty crucial in manipulating the CSS in the header depending on the current view. This completed project was my second go-around trying it. The first time I went to this portfolio version, I didn’t have much to show in my portfolio. Therefore, I went back and did some Codecademy Javascript and React projects to put in this portfolio. I also learned how to deal with Heroku for Rails which required some technical maneuvers than using Node.js. Feel free to check out my portfolio and give any comments or constructive criticisms that you may have!

I took a job opportunity about web processing in monday but it is a bit hardly. Can you help me at this project(If you accept this I will give more details about project.