Ruby on Rails: Authentication 2/12

I’m stuck on 2/12 of Ruby on Rails: Authentication. It says in the Gemfile on line 30 uncomment the bcrypt gem. Wheres the Gemfile? What bcrypt gem? i am so stuck right now i would be ever so happy if someone could help me and explain where this Gemfile is. Thanks.
:heart: -MJ

Link to exersise

Hi @methodblaster80140,

If you click the folder :file_folder: icon in the upper-left of the code editor, you’ll see a bunch of files. The Gemfile is the one called Gemfile, and if you look in it, you’ll see a line that starts off with gem 'bcrypt', and that’s the line you’ll need to uncomment by removing the hash sign (#) at the beginning of the line :slight_smile:


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