Ruby off the rails! :(


This has been a in-general occurrence through out my whole experience with Ruby so far...I'm just wondering what the best browser is to run the program on because right now off of Chrome (been working fine for java,jquery,html/css), I'm having issues with the editor constantly hanging whenever I try to run something only to arbitrarily fix itself and then perform. So yea...Ruby seems glitchy so far but I see no other complaints so I figure it must be what Im running it off of. Appreciate the help! Love the site and the learning! :slight_smile:

The editor continues arbitrarily hang.

print "Pick a number!"

if my_answer > 5
    puts "Picking over five huh? Ever the optomist!"
elseif my_answer < 5
    puts "Glass half empty sort of person are we,I like it!"
    puts "Your answer is confusing. YOU are confusing!"


This can be locked and closed. I figured it out. Thanks!


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