(Ruby) Not


Please, my problem is not yet solve and so, I can't proceed on my work. I am stuck at # boolean_1 = !true
boolean_1 = false

boolean_2 = !true && !true

boolean_2 = false

boolean_3 = !(700 / 10 == 70)

boolean_3 = false

And, when I click "Run" nothing appears on the Terminal as before this site was maintenance. Nothing like the green-light, "Way-to -go!" appears.



Hello, saria190!

Try to refresh the page, not the terminal every time you get this error. F5
I think this problem is already solved, isn't it?

Best Regards,


No, it is not yet solved and it is discouraging from going ahead. Am even thing of starting my lesson at fresh and see whether it does the same.


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