Ruby lessons keep freezing!


At numerous points in the lessons included in Ruby, the page will freeze, and give a spinning wheel continually. It most often happens at the end of a lesson, when it has been completed and I'm trying to move onto the next lesson, or when I am first starting the first page of a new lesson. Right now the lesson "Thith Meanth War " freezes every time I try to move past the last page, and also Methods, Blocks and Sorting freezes continually on the first page. Sometimes at other points when it freezes I can get it to work if I close the codecademy page, clear all cookies from the browser, and restart my computer, but these two pages always refuse to work.

I really would like to upgrade to pro to continue learning, but not if I can't even access the material! Does anyone have any suggestions? I have the same problem in Firefox and Chrome.



Maybe your code doesn't finish?


It seems to happen after it says "congratulations" you're done, or when loading a brand new lesson before it prompts me for any input. It usually happens after it's already accepted my code, and tries to load the next page in the lesson!


I think I fixed it!

Went to Firefox's add-on page and updated java and a few other plug-ins!