Ruby Lesson is not working and I'm about to quit this site

trying to do the Ruby lesson: putting the form in format; prompting the user.
It’s a simple piece of easy code and it refuses to recognize it. Say’s “opps try again looks like you didn’t print anything to the console” which is maddening because I can see it did indeed print to the console and is sitting there mocking me. It happened in a previous exercise too but after deleting and rewriting =begin a million times it finally clicked and went through.
I tried with a space between = and " and without and it still didn’t work. Am I an idiot or is this just not working?
I would post the screen shot I took but it just trys to load it forever. I gave it about 20mins and it still couldn’t do it.
Get it together codecademy.

If you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing I’ll try to help, but please stop cursing.

I tried to post a screenshot but this messenger thing wont let me upload photos. It just loads forever but nothing happens. It’s written in the first message did you even read it?

Could you post a link to the exercise then please?

Ok, so did you put the exact string that it told you to?

Yes I did indeed ddddd

Ok, so to confirm, I know this will sound stupid, but, it looks exactly like this:

print "What's your first name?"


Hi, I’m also having the same issue and I’ve uploaded a screen shot of my code so if anyone can see what I’ve done wrong can you please tell me? thanks!

You didn’t do exactly what you said you did.

You put a = after print. Remove this and it will work.

It even says at the side of the screen

feel free to peek back at the first exercise if you need a syntax reminder.

So why didn’t you?

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Dude chill, people are just trying to learn code. No need to try and make them look stupid.

Dude, chill. I’m just trying to help, no need to revive 2 month old topics to tell me off.


This is happening with me now where I submit and it “thinks” but doens’t say anything?
What am I doing wrong or is it a bug?

I understood now from someone elses answer that I had to type in the cursor.

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