Ruby, Lesson 9, page 17/19

WThis lesson asks me to make changes to Lesson 9, Page 16/19. I remove a puts statement in the definition and replace it with a return. I add “a single string parameter called name”, both as instructed. When I press Run nothing is output to the console, as expected. The hint at the bottom says:
“It looks like your welcome method prints to the console instead of using return.”

This error message is wrong because nothing prints to the consul as there are no print or puts instruction anywhere in the code, and as the image demonstrates.

This is a simple coding task so I think I have done as required. Could this be another bug in the system. If so, it is impossible to anticipate what minor adjustment I need to make in my code to anticipate and get around poor validation.

I am not sure of the implications for me to keep choosing the Solution button, which I have done once before. Please can you advise about this please. However, I have a deadline of midnight on 17th July and I am perturbed that I keep encountering these issues as well as freezing of the interface which forces me to log out and in multiple times.

Your urgent assistance is required, hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you

Chances are the SCT can see that comment under the method. Try removing that and see what happens.

Blimey that was perfect and so prompt, my anxiety levels have gone down. Should I refrain from these comments so as to reduce this type of error?

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I cannot state with any certainty that would be the case, but it’s safe to say, if it’s not asked for, or already there, don’t add anything until after you pass the lesson. You can then comment and play around as much as you wish before moving to Next. Be sure to Run it so it gets saved, and if you are going to change anything of your code that passed, copy it, comment it out and paste in the copied code, then play away. Don’t lose your original work. As long as this course is still available, you can always go back to a lesson and review or play around some more.

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