Ruby is getting oerwhelming!


I am starting out new with Ruby and I feel though it is simple, it is overwhelming. Any one feel the same?? What do yu do when things feel tough?


I actually have a notebook that I use when on Codecademy. I keep notes as if I was in a classroom. It really helps to flip back through when I can't remember something. I also feel like I remember things better when I physically write something down and can read it back in my own handwriting. Maybe this could help you too!


I also have been taking notes since the very beginning. It makes flipping back to check syntax etc. much easier. Sometimes it seems like they are asking you to do things that they may not have taught. I find the best way to get past these is to come to the forums or even turn to google to find the answer. I was on a streak of 15 days, but had to take a day off after hitting a wall. Sometimes all it takes is to step away from code that seems overwhelming and come back to it.

All I hear from other developers is that one day, things will just click. You just have to have the determination and desire to stick with it until that happens. The payoff will be well worth it!


I do the same. I have been using Word this time around so I can copy and paste things. I think a notepad is better to help reinforce the ideas.


same here! it's even better to use a notepad, cause then u can f.ex. just use CTRL + F to simply find a thing.