Ruby installation in Windows 10

Hello. I am trying to install Ruby 2.3.1 (and even a couple older versions) in Windows 10, but no matter what version of Ruby I try to install, I keep getting the “Error 5: Access Denied”. Can anyone help me? Thanks!

If you’re not allowed to do something then get more permissions or do something else. That’s about as much as can be said with what you’ve described, it’s just rephrasing the error message.

Perhaps you might consider what action it is you’re being denied and perhaps compare what you’re doing to the installation instructions as well as consider where you are getting those instructions from.

Basically, I accept the license terms, then am given a directory name of C:\Ruby23 and an installation destination in Windows (C:). I hit install and my error message I previously listed comes up and also says “Setup was unable to create the directory C:\Ruby23”. Not sure what to do. How do I go about accessing permissions (if that;s the ticket?)

I’m just repeating myself here but: get write permissions to that directory or use a different directory.

As for how, have you googled it?

I guess I misunderstood you, I thought you were asking me for more info. How do I get write permissions? Or, can I rename the directory name they give me?

What I’m looking for is what’s stopping you. So far I’m just playing with words because you’re answering your own questions. That may seem silly but asking the right questions goes a long way towards answering them yourself.

I’m no windows user. You’d have to google how to get write permissions to that directory, that’s the first stop for just about any technical information that you seek.

OK thanks. I tried downloading it to my Recovery(D) drive instead of my Windows© drive and it accepted it. Not sure why, but I’ll roll with it.

Yes, you’re sure why. See. It was just a matter of rephrasing the original error message. If you’re the owner (in other words, administrator) of that machine, then you certainly should figure out how to get elevated rights.

Windows being all about clicking big buttons, I imagine there is a button for running something with higher rights, presumably by right-clicking to get more options. But really, the way to find out is with google.

Executables should not be modifiable by everyone, it is a security matter to place them in protected locations or by some other method not allow just anything to modify it.