Ruby help

I guess I am coming here because I need help solving some ruby problems
The first one says

write a function lucky_sevens?(numbers), which takes in an array of integers and returns true if any three consecutive elements sum to 7.

My first idea was to use a block that took just looped the results back, but then I realized that I dont know of any that doe that

The second says
write a function oddball_sum(numbers), which takes in an array of integers and returns the sum of all the odd elements.

The third says

Write a function disemvowel(string), which takes in a string, and returns that string with all the vowels removed. Treat “y” as a consonant.

I have gone through all of the ruby in codeacadmy but for some reason I dont feel like I know any ruby at all when I read stuff like this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Because at the moment all I cant think about is a million if else statements and I dont think that is what they want me to do.

May I suggest that you complete the Ruby track before embarking on this Lab. We are not here to help with homework unless it is a question about concepts you are not clear on. Notice the URL in this page? ‘discuss’. We are not going to post answers to this topic knowing that you haven’t even done the track. Our aim is to avoid making this into a source of cheat-sheets.

If you hurry and complete the track before September 25, your progress will be saved.