Ruby excercise 3 of Night At the Movies appears to be bugged?


I appear to be having issues completing "A Night At The Movies" excercise 3, where the case statement isn't recognized correctly.
ruby outputs "It looks like your case statement doesn't puts 'Added!' when choice == 'add'."
when i input "add" using the following case statement, which should work. (this also happens for any other case)
puts "please choose an option: "
choice = gets.chomp
case choice
when "add" then puts "'Added!'"
when "update" then puts "Updated!"
when "display" then puts "Movies!"
when "delete" then puts "Deleted!"
else puts "Error!"
this prevents me from completing the excercise


You have an extra set of single quotes around "Added!".


@cadecodes is right. You have to puts Added! and not 'Added!'.


that actually isn't the issue. i get the exact same response whether i have "'Added!'" or "Added!" (as that was my first thing to try). this also happens if i try to pass it "update", any other case statement, or even try to put in something random to get the else statement to work, but it will always say that it can't get "input"=="output" even if it's spelled correctly, and attempted every possible change of spelling.


For this exercise, your code works for me (after changing to "Added!"). Did you input "add" in the console when it asks for input?


You don't need "then" in your lines
case choice
when "add"
puts "Added"