Ruby Course not loading

I’m at the very beginning of the Introduction to Ruby course, and all day today it won’t load. It just has a loading icon; I can’t Save & Submit Code to proceed-- nothing.

Is this a bug with the course? Or a temporary problem? Reading other threads, and the Facebook page, it looks like people are having trouble with some stuff on the site today.

While I’m here, I’ll throw another issue in; when I was practicing the basics of “puts” and “prints” I was getting “nill” on the screen. Why is that? I also got it during the practice for writing notes in the code, since there was nothing to “print” it would say the word nill, is this a bug, or a feature?

It’s not a bug, nor a feature. Just console behavior that can be ignored. It is not a result of our code. This has been brought up many times and I believe there is an issue opened, so this may change in the future. For now just let it slide.

I’m trying the Ruby intro in Chrome using my testing account (no Pro, no mod) and it is working so far (first section).

This is what it’s looked like all day. As you can see the Save & Submit button is dim; and I can’t type anything new in, so I can’t activate it any way.

I’ve made it past that with no issues. Have you tried refresh? Can you try a different browser? (Reaching at straws, here…)

I definitely refreshed and nothing.

I just assumed it was the code, so I didn’t bother trying another browser. It’s working for me now. Thanks for the help, I’m going to go find my dunce cap now.

I spoke too soon. Safari puttered out too.

The Save & Submit button is just showing this spinning gear now, over 4 minutes so far.

I’m not able to help much. Been motoring through the Ruby track and have got as far as Zen of Ruby with no issues in Windows 7/Chrome. Will have find another Mac user to test if this is OS related.

Can you check your firewall logs to see if anything from CC is being blocked? Do you have access to a Windows box with Chrome of Firefox? Or try with one of these on your Mac?

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