Ruby Conditional (Unless/Else) statements


I have been struggling with the conditional lesson in Ruby. The problem I get is that when I put in an Expression for my "unless" statement, I can only get my unless statement or my else statement to print. I can't get both statements to print depending on what my input for the question is.

Here is my code example. I may just be understanding this incorrectly.

print "Are you hungry at the moment?"
hungry = gets.chomp

unless false
puts "I'm writing Ruby programs! Leave me alone"
puts "Time to eat!"

This is what I would think would happen. When I answer my question "Are you hungry at the moment?" with a "No" I should get the "I'm writing Ruby Programs! Leave me alone". This is the result I get, which is good.

If I answer the question with a "Yes" answer I still get a result of "I'm writing Ruby programs! Leave me alone." Why would I not get the other message "Time to eat!". Because I put in "Yes" which I would think would be a true statement. I am hungry so I'm going to eat. Or is this kind of you get one or the other. Not, you can get either option depending how you answer the question.


You must use the keyword if not unless.


Thanks cadecodes. I think I may be jumping the gun a bit. I have not learned that statement yet and my lesson won't let me use it. This makes me think these lessons are as easy as getting one or the other statement to trigger based off my Expression.