Ruby Bug?


Is anyone having a hard getting or saving work? When I save and Submit my work... the little gear button just keeeepssss loading :frowning: Any help?


You can try reloading the page and deleting your browser's cache. Does it work on another browser?


No :confused: I've tried it on Safari, Chrome and firefox.


And I cleared cookies and cashe. Err. :disappointed:


Wow, that's kind of weird. You can try contacting the support via email, personally the only time I did I didn't get any answer but it's worth a try I guess.


Okay. Do they have a specific support email? The weird part is that all my other courses are loading normally.
Thanks for the help by the way.


I might have figured it out .o. Not sure though. Maybe it's because I'm not used to Ruby yet. Thanks for your help!!