RPS program

Rock paper scissors
how is it
mulitline comment

from random import randint

options = ["rock","paper","scissors"]

message = {
  "tie":"yawn its a tie!",
  "won":"Yay you won",
  "lost":"Aww you lost"

def decide_winner(user_choice,computer_choice):
  print "You selected %s"% user_choice
  print "computer selected %s"% computer_choice
  if User_choice == computer_choice:
  	print message["tie"]
  elif user_choice == option[0] and computer_choice == option[2]:
      print message["won"]
  elif user_choice == option[1] and computer_choice == option[2]:
      print message["won"]
  elif user_choice == option[2] and computer_choice == option[1]:
      print message["won"]
      print message["lost"]
  def play_RPS(): 
      user_choice = raw_input("enter rock paper or scissors")
      user_choice = user_choice.upper()
      computer_choice = options[randint(0,2)]


can you please check and let me know whats the error?
i am not getting output when i run the program.

you have wrong indention/nesting.

The play_RPS function and its call should be in the global namespace of the module.