Routing reader chapters!


so finished the project but i had one little ambitious change i cant seem to figure out... when you are reading i wanted to add the option of going back a chapter...

In the chapterController i added a scope that lets me change the index back with
$scope.previousChapterIndex = $scope.currentChapterIndex - 1;

so in the chapter view i was able to modify the back button to..

a class="button back" href="#/books/{{ currentBookIndex }}/chapters/{{ previousChapterIndex }}">Back

and voila it works! now the only problem is if you go back from chapter 1 it seems like it is making negative indexes and generates blank pages...

// If there no more chapters left, go back to the bookshelf view

if($routeParams.chapterId >= $ - 1) {
$scope.nextChapterIndex = "#";
this is for the forward.. so i guess i want to figure out how i can make a check for doing it for previous


i actually figured it out right away... under the if statement i added...

else if($routeParams.chapterId <= 0) {
$scope.previousChapterIndex = "#";

so it goes back to the bookshelf


i wanted to be able to go back to the book view...
i used
a class="button" href="#/books/{{ currentBookIndex }}">Back to book<
my goal was to make it part of the back button (going to book info vs bookshelf) but couldnt figure a simple way to do that.


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