Routing II - Keep loading forever


In the second test, I add the routing for photos/:id , but with it or without it, when I click RUN, it starts checking and never ends. No error, nothing.



I reset the excercise, in case it where something with the code I wrote, but is not working either. I click run with the files as they are after reset them and it just continue loading...


Hi claudio,

Clear your browser's cookies, or if you use chrome, try to go incognito and rerun it.

It worked for me. Good luck


I've already tryied with incognito mode, but wasn't working either, but as it was working for you, I try Firefox... now I pass the test with Firefox and everything went ok.



For anyone else that's having this issue. I found a workaround so that you don't have to use another browser. Navigate to the json source by clicking on the red link and after that click run. You should be able to advance to the next level now :slight_smile:


This worked for me.
Click the '' link in red in the 'Learn' panel on the left hand side.
Then click run.
This got me past the forever loading screen.


I refreshed the mini browser on the ride hand panel, this worked for me, otherwise it just looped forever.


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