Router III -> Did you add code to format views and upvotes?

3.Use the number filter to format the views and upvotes.
for the above question i had written answer but i could not get the answer as correct i am keeping the error plz help me out

i have added the number formatter with filter in photo.html page for p tag
photo-views | number
photo-upvotes | number

and when click on Run button it keeps loading its not stopping only
please suggest

You have to post your code. Use </> to format it properly.

i have the same problem. it’s loading and loading and is not stopping, and code is good.

var app = angular.module('GalleryApp', ['ngRoute']);

  	.when('/', {
    	controller: 'HomeController',
    	templateUrl: 'views/home.html'
 		}).when('/photos/:id', {
    	controller: 'PhotoController',
    	templateUrl: 'views/photo.html'
    	redirectTo: '/'

You have to loggedOut for a while and again login it will be work.I have got the same problem.

can any body help me on this issue…due to this i am not able move to the next lesson

I had the same problem. Exceptionally you should use a another browser for this exercise. I have done this on Microsoft Edge and everything was fine.

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