ROUND() Function

Hi there,
In exercise 9 in the aggregate-functions lesson the following code is used:

SELECT price,
ROUND(AVG(downloads)), count(*)
FROM fake_apps
GROUP BY price
HAVING COUNT(name) > 10;

My question is: The round function looks to me like it is only using one argument and no integer value. Does the ROUND() function automatically round to 0 if not integer is passed? The count clause afterwards is not in the brackets so I don’t see how that would work…

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help meh

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Yes, that is correct. When you don’t specify the number of digits to round to (to the right of the decimal), it defaults to 0. Here is a link to the documentation:

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ROUND() takes zero decimal places by default. Else you should specify the number of decimals you want.
number = 4.182764747
ROUND(number) will return 4
ROUND(number, 2) will return 4.18
You get it? :100: