Roller Coaster Challenge Project (Python, Pandas)

Heres mine:

Just wanted to second this. Your git repository for this project is very helpful for referencing how to plot the data from pandas analysis.

One question, how did you format your plots to have the graph in the background? Was this done through the sns.set() call?

Hello Here is my first part code in “Write a function that will plot the ranking of a given roller coaster over time as a line” . Could you give me some comments?

ur code is easy to read. nice!

Hello everyone! Here is the link to my project. I will appreciate your comments and feedback. Thank you.

You are right. sns.set() sets default Seaborn library style for all the graphs even if further we use only Matplotlib.

This is my proyect. Please fell free to comment. Thank you.

This is my solution for the given project. Learning through working on projects is what truly sets codecademy apart. This particular project was somewhat challenging and it was quite satisfactory to be able to complete it.

here is my solution

Hi there! I’d like to share my solution here!

I would really appreciate any feedback you can give me!

Roller Coaster Project Script

Here is my script for this project, I would be happy to receive any feedback!