Rock Paper Scissors

I am completely to new to this so thanks for any help in advance. I am on rock, paper scissors and stuck on the determineWinner section. I have rewritten it several times but keep getting an undefined. getUserChoice and getComputerChoice are both working fine. The full code is here. RPS -
This is the output I receive when running it.

[jwisbell35@fedora Rock-Paper-Scissors]$ node app.js
You threw: rock
The computer threw: rock

Just asking if someone can point me in the right direction. Thank you.

Hey, @jwisbell35 welcome to the forums.

Do you see anything wrong with the arguments for the function determineWinner on line 61?

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Well crap. Thank you… Was pulling from the wrong var. I have rewritten that crap like 15 times. :slight_smile: Working perfect now. Again Thank You.

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