Rock, Paper, Scissors


Everything works fine but i wanted to know how to improve it and can't figure it out

If it's a tie how can i make the program re-run play_RPS() without having to call python for every try. If it's a tie i want the program to automatically ask me again to pick again until one either loses or wins.

In the tie if statement putting play_RPS() doesn't seem to work, not sure if it is even possible but i doubt that, any ideas?:slight_smile:

Replace this line with your code.


you should be able to call the function again, can i see your code? Because your idea is good, maybe i can see why it is not working


hmm for some reason now it works, the other 5 times before i re-opened the exercise did not with the same code...well it works now by calling play_RPS() in the tie if statement :slight_smile: thanks anyway, since it';s just one extra line of code calling that function i don't think putting the code here is necesarry unless you still want me to :slight_smile:


Well, if you solved it there is no need to post your code. Good to hear you got it resolved :slight_smile: