Rock Paper Scissors x 99

In this project the second instruction tells you:

“A function called setPlayerMoves, which will take a string representing a player (in the form of ‘Player One’ or ‘Player Two’), three move types, and three move values, and set the correct global move variables. The method signature for this function should be as follows: setPlayerMoves(player, moveOneType, moveOneValue, moveTwoType, moveTwoValue, moveThreeType, moveThreeValue)”

This confuses me. After the ‘Player One’ or ‘Player Two’ part is the text still listing things this function takes in or is it telling me the functionality of the function?Confusion

the setPlayerMoves function is taking those parameters inside of the function, i.e. if we are setting the value of PlayerOne in player parameter of setPlayerMoves then further we will also give the other parameters as well which will set the three move types and their values for a player.
I hope u get an answer for what you were asking…
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