Rock, paper, scissors. What are my mistakes?


Here is what I tried to code. I feel there are plenty of mistakes in my code. Please help me find them) I'd be very grateful.

var yourMove = prompt ("Rock, paper, scissors?")
console.log ("You chose" + " " + "yourMove")
if (yourMove=rock)
prompt ("I chose scissors. They break, you win!");
{ if (yourMove=scissors)
prompt ("I chose scissors too. Try again");
prompt ("I chose scissors and cut yor paper! I win!");


Hi inside your if and else if condition your should put equale with ===
And you should change your second if statement to else if statement

Edit :
And also inside your console.log() you should put yourMove without " " like that

console.log ("You chose" + " " + yourMove)


Hi, also check your curly brackets { } orientations. Another thing on your second if statement use else if statement.