Rock, Paper, Scissors - stuck

Hey guys,

I normally avoid posting in any forums because I feel like they tend to get toxic with “get good” kind of comments pretty quickly… but I just wanted to reach out to leave a bit of feedback on the projects, more so in general but especially this one.

While going through the projects up until this point they were pretty simple, i might have gotten stuck on one thing or another and worked my way through it with out too much trouble. Once in a while i was asking my husband who has years of experience with programming, for help.

But, this project was a wall. A big one, that turned me away from continuing for several days. The course goes from gentle hand holding and little pushes to, please give us 6x the effort, now.

I don’t feel there is enough practice with switches, if/else, or and helper functions. This is about where I got stuck in the college class I took for programming. Things begin to get convoluted for me and I start to really struggle to look at the big picture of what is happening where, what I should be doing, and how it should all flow.

I stumbled a bit in the beginning trying to figure out why something wasn’t working and it was just little things here and there, but when I got to the win/lose/tie part i just gave up.

I dislike that there is a video walk-through so easily accessible because it would have been the first thing I did if It were not for my husband trying to encourage me not to look at it.

I’m not really asking for help here, I’m not trying to complain either, just trying to give some visibility to staff or moderators that this is a pretty big bottle neck. This project is significantly larger than the previous ones and leaves a ton of room for error after learning a lot of new concepts and ideas with almost no practice.

It’s hard to know when to use something, if I am using it right, and if I get something wrong I am not a programmer so I don’t know how to fix it nor do i even know how to ask.

I found this project extremely discouraging, and have kind of stepped away from JavaScript the last 3-4 days because of it and I am contemplating giving up entirely because if I consistently can’t get past them without watching the videos than what is the point.

Hi Yaz,

I think we all get frustrated at many points in our learning paths so it’s completely natural to feel this way. I would suggest this: just because the format that you’re using at the moment isn’t clicking for you, there may be another format in which you can both learn the material and even enjoy it.

If it’s frustrating at the moment, then it’s smart to step away (as you said). When come back you might have more clarity on how you may want to move forward with the topic, or if it needs some sort of shift in approach.

I took a 12-year hiatus from programming (!) because I thought it wasn’t for me and that I didn’t like its process (now I do like it). But everyone has their own needs and wants.


Firstly, I’ve not personally seen much toxicity around here. I think because we’re all looking to learn there’s a bit of empathy for each others toils and tribulations. So, even should you find any trolls, hopefully the decent ones will drown them out.
And, if judging by the posts I’ve seen regarding this project, you’re definitely not the only one who’s had difficulties with it.

I do find the projects sometimes jump about in difficulty, and clarity. You can sometimes have instructions which seem to appear to be asking for something massively convoluted only for it to turn out to be one, fairly straightforward, line.

I wouldn’t feel defeated for looking at the videos. I find a lot of the presenters do a good job of explaining what’s going on and what you’re doing at each step and the alternative perspective helps getting to grasp with some of the concepts.
For some, I’ve found I’ll have a go at an instruction or two, check if they’re working, then watch the video for that section and see if I’ve done it the same as them, and if not what have they done differently.

I think part of the issue with courses like this is because you’re effectively being self-taught, it can be hard to judge where you should be.
But, you’re also teaching yourself. So, if you’re struggling on something take your time, maybe go back to the original module(s) and have another go, take notes, look at youtube vids, etc.

But, as I say, there’s folks here that’ll try to help so feel free to ask.


thanks for the kind feedback, I took a bit of a break from it to just cool off and focus on other things for a bit. Once im over this cold I am going to go back at it again. sometimes walking away and coming back to it another day can be all the difference i find.


I just finished up the course sequence for Javascript. I am not impressed. The sequence for the Java language is so much better to just learn a programming language. I am very glad I started with Java and python before learning javascript as the way things are written are very different. Since javascript has so many different ways of writing functions, it can get super confusing. As far as codecademy projects go, I did the projects for Java and some with python. I skipped all the javascript projects. The projects are very useful and are intended to reinforce the material. I think what is better is to focus more on projects that you are passionate about so you continue to try hard to solve the problems and research the documentation when you get stuck.