Rock paper scissors project - Unexpected identifier

Hello all,

I am on step 5 and using if/else method.
However, the randomNumber keeps showing Unexpected identifier.

Can anyone help?

You need to wrap your conditional statement in parentheses, i.e., if (randomNumber === 0)


Hello NET,

Thanks for helping. However, I still have one question.
I was on the last step and used upper case BOMB in the IF and it shows ERROR.
I thought it should be changed to lower case automatically since we have .toLowerCase()
Can you please explain why it shows ERROR ?

whatever string is in userInput would be changed to be lowercase
because of userInput = userInput.toLowerCase();
if userInput is 'BOMB', then userInput would become 'bomb'
doing userInput === 'BOMB' does not change that 'BOMB' to lowercase because the 'BOMB' on that line was not stored in the userInput variable.

So it should be userInput === 'bomb' since userInput was changed to lowercase earlier.

userInput === 'BOMB' would always be false since userInput can’t have any uppercase letters anymore (it was changed to be all lowercase earlier).