Rock, paper, scissors problem

Good afternoon, folks. I have recently started a full-stack programmer course and got stuck at one of the questions. I watched a video on getting unstuck but it didn’t help as the code there was completely the same as mine. I am having a syntax problem - my 3rd line of code is having an unexpected “)” token, which is bizarre, to say the least as I don’t see why would it be a mistake.

May anybody guide me towards what my mistake is? I can’t progress further without it.

Thanks in advance

your function:

const getUserChoice = userInput => {

no closing curly bracket (}) to match the opening curly bracket


Thanks, sir. It solved everything, which is bizarre because CA was saying that I have a problem with the")" bracket other than the"}" bracket.


Just note that line 4 and 6 in your example don’t end with a ‘;’.
This tells JavaScript to move onto the next line.

Potentially this is what’s causing the confusing error.

Hope that Helps.