Rock Paper Scissors plz Help!


var compare = function(choice1, choice2)
return("The result is a tie!");
else if(choice1==="rock")
return("rock wins");
return("paper wins");

I am getting an error message that says "Oops, try again. Your code returned 'rock wins' instead of 'paper wins' when the inputs are rock and paper". Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong


Hey @mdehdashti! You got 2 problems


You forgot to begin your bracket in the if inside the else if conditon


you forgot to close your else if statement. So between the last two brackets add a bracket.

Hope this helped!



Please read
and concentrate on:

  • the creation of the compare function
  • the truth-table
  • the build of the IF ELSE-IF statement structure as part of the compare FUNCTION-BODY
  • the execution of the compare function (keeping in mind that the return statement is used )