Rock, Paper, Scissors (intro to js)img 1

Another set of eyes would be great when finding errors. Please tell me why mine does not
work but the “Get Help Walk Through” does, when testing?

When I compare the two, I see character for character in match- please show me what I am not seeing
I will have to share the comparison image to a follow up post because I am a new user “not allowed to post more than on picture…”

Thank you much


The Walk Through solution

Please compare the two and point out my error so I can move on to the next step?

Thank you much,

where you convert the user input to lowercase is one line (line number 2) while in your cases its two lines (line number 3 and line number 4)

you can’t just put code on multiple lines

yes, in the walk-through code it also “appears” two line, but that is done by the editor, that is different then actually putting the code multiple lines by using enter

which is why you should read code, not character by character.

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