Rock paper scissors, I don't know what wrong


var userChoice = prompt("What do you pick?");
var computerChoice = Math.random();

if (computerChoice < .33) {
computerChoice = "rock";
} else if (computerChoice <= .67){
computerChoice = "sissors";
} else {
computerChoice = "paper";


I don't see anything wrong here. Can you expand?


"Oops, try again. Did you change a computerChoice between 0.67 and 1 to 'scissors'?" is the message i keep getting


hey just a suggestion try to keep your programming codes spaced it makes it easier.


if (computerChoice < 0.33){
else if (computerChoice <= 0.67){

[Code removed by moderator - please avoid posting full code answers as it allows others to cheat easier]

Mine works - try adding the 0.


Seems to be ok. Maybe it's this odd order of rock, scissors, paper instead of rock, paper, scissors but from the syntax it should be correct.


Oh, my god... Yep, i'm an awful speller... I left out the freakin c... I feel dumb