Rock, Paper, Scissors Game Example

Having trouble getting this Rock, Papers, Scissors game to work. I am getting errors on line 14 and it’s not specific to any kind of error. I think am missing something which I don’t understand.

EDIT: Managed to get the print out working on PyCharm and Visual Code Studio which is more powerful than but not defining the if and else statements.

#Author: Sirani McNeill
#Date: 30/05/2020
#Version: 1.0
#Rock Paper Scissors Game
#Two players

print("Welcome to Rock, Paper, Scissors! ")
print("Let's Begin....")

name1 = input("Player One: what's your name?")
name2 = input("Player Two, what's your name?\n\n")

print(" Hello " + name1 + " and " + name2 )
print(name2 + ": Close your eyes!")

choice1 = input(name1 + ": enter 'r' for rock, 'p' for paper and 's' for scissors: ")
print("Great choice! Now - cover your answer and ask " +name2 + " to choose.\n\n\n ")
choice2 = input(name2 + ": enter 'r' for rock, 'p' for paper and 's' for scissors: ")

if (name1 == "r"):
elif (name2 == "r"):
	if (name1 == "p"):
		print ("Computer wins!")
		print("You win!")
elif (name2 == "p"):
	if (name1 == "r"):
		print("You win!")
		print("Computer wins!")
elif (name1 == "s"):
	if (name2 == "r"):
		print("Computer wins!")
		print("You win!")

print("Thank you for playing Rock, Paper, Scissors")

the error is in on this line:

if(guess != 6)

you forgot the colon at the end.