Rock, Paper, or Scissors

Hello! Did you want feedback or do you have a specific question?

Some feedback:
The whole code is very well thought out, and correctly implements the instructions. Just one thing, you might want to make the if…else if…else statements here into a switch…case:

if (getComputerChoice === 0) {
   return 'rock';
 } else if (getComputerChoice === 1) {
   return 'papper';
 } else {
   return 'scissors';

One other thing, after closing curly braces }, you don’t need a semicolon (in general). Here is a good article on semicolons in JS.
I hope this helps!

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Just a quick edition to @codeneutrino’s feedback:

I believe there is a typo on line 14:

return 'papper';

Other than that it is very nicely written, and everything seems to work perfectly. Great job :+1:

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